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Oil & Gas

Whether it’s the bottomless depth of the ocean, midstream or downstream, you will need an experienced industry partner with solutions that address your everyday challenges. We help you reduce cost for profitability.



Our assembled stock of manufacturers of global reputation in this space makes us standout in the market. Our solutions can be found in hydraulic systems, fuel and Inerting systems, motion control and engine solutions which has powered hundreds of years of military and commercial platforms.

Aviation Fuel System

We are backed by manufacturers of efficient fuel systems for today’s commercial and military aircrafts. Our portfolio includes fuel pumps, boost and transfer pumps, valves, sensors, accessories and components to build fuel conveyance and delivery sub systems from the tank to the engine. Our large and comprehensive product line include Airframe Fuel Pumps, Fuel Conveyance, valves, Engine Fuel Pumps, Bottom Loading Systems, Breakaway Couplings, Hydrant Pit Valves, Pressure Control Systems, Nozzles and Related Accessories, Unisex Coupling Tools, Gauges and Sensors.