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Lynch capital is a professional procurement and finance company with concentration on mining and oil and gas sectors. Established to be a one stop place for all your core and non-core supplies in these sectors. From our central storage office, we serve the needs of the mining and oil and gas sectors as well as render professional finance services in invoice factoring and payroll management for all our clients.

We are supported by an assortment of reputable global manufacturers in excess of 6,700 from pipping, valves, filters, cables, cameras, hoses, tubing, fittings, connectors etc.

Our clients will have our deep market awareness at their beck and call and as our relationship matures, the partnership will grow such that for anything and everything related to their financial and material procurement needs, they can depend on this partnership as a sure support base.

Our catalogue of over 100,000 products to choose from makes us your most convenient choice for all your supply needs, talk to us on any need.



To be a reliable partner in energy solutions.



Deliver quality energy solution with passion.